Where to Buy in London for 2018

Londoners looking to relocate should consider Southwark, Tower Hamlets and Islington according to a new report. Here’s why. Talking about average house prices in London has become meaningless. In the posh borough of Kensington & Chelsea, property values catapulted 65 per cent between 2009 and 2014 — three times the growth recorded in Barking & […]

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Kensington & Chelsea Though stalled, prime London’s housing market still has the highest prices. In Kensington & Chelsea the average house price is £1.34 million: many buyers will pay huge sums for a home in what is considered a safe haven for investment in an uncertain world. Money actually piled into the borough in the […]

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Brexit ‘jitters’ fade as international investors swoop in to London

LONDON’S property market is approaching all time highs as international investors shrug off Brexit fears to snap up both commercial and residential real estate. Sales in London’s commercial property sector are to top £20 billion in 2017, putting the capital on track for a record breaking year. Property adviser Savills says foreign investors are flocking […]

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the ‘confidential’ property market

It might astound many house-hunters to discover that fully one third of the homes available to buy today never appear on the internet! The reason for this can only be understood by stepping through the looking-glass and imagining yourself in an estate agent’s shoes. Back in ‘the good old days’ before overbearing regulation your local […]

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UK residential price forecast for 2017

There have been two significant influences on the housing market in 2016: stamp duty and the EU referendum result. Stamp duty changes introduced two years ago had already started to have an impact at the top of the market, where the upfront cost of buying a home had increased substantially. Another change, the introduction of […]

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co-habit in the city

People are always searching for innovative new ways of comfortable city living that will work financially and on a personal level for tenants too. The new co-living trend that’s currently erupting in London appears to fulfill both those requirements, and then some. London and cities like it around the world are popular places to live but […]

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should I use a Home Stager?

Home staging, or as it’s sometimes known, house dressing, has been with us now for over a decade.  Originating in the States, the formidable Anne Maurice brought the concept over in 1998 with her Channel 5 program ‘House Doctor’ and whilst the British public were slow to catch on at first, now the Home Stager […]

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think like a buyer

When your buyer is searching for their new home, there are several steps they will take.  By knowing a little more about what’s going on in their mind, you may be able to influence their behavior, and persuade them to at least view your house: Step 1: they choose their portal There are around 30 […]

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3 things to do today to get your house sold

No viewings for a few weeks?  Plenty of viewings but no one wants to buy? Try these three simple steps and see what happens! 1. Call your agent! Make sure you’re on his/her mind so that if a potential buyer calls the office, they’ll mention your home first. 2. Take some new photographs of your […]

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is your house too cheap?

Here are 3 reasons you may need to increase your asking price: Agents talk a lot about dropping the asking price so that it appears in a new price range. But surely that means it disappears from the one it was in?!  Given that buyers spend around 3 months on average looking for their next […]

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